Supercharge your patient relationships

Our method of matching the right patients with the right providers builds trust from the first “handshake”.

Why Trust in the relationship matters

90% of a diagnosis is communication and listening

Trust reduces anxiety and builds motivation which empowers the relationship.  Patients open up, their confidence improves and there is less adversity along the health journey when the right personalities work together. 


Feeling Safe & Secure

Patients switch providers 4-5x looking for “the one”.

Human connections matter and people want more meaningful connections as they take control of their health.  Our conscious and subconscious biases impact the relationship and matching the right people together leads to healthier outcomes for all. 


The Impact on Appointments

Go in with more knowledge, quality faster

Be more confident providing the best care as smoothly as possible.  Empower your day by going into each appointment with a better understanding of how to work with and guide your patients to the best possible outcomes. 

For Your Patients

Matches based on compatibility

Our science-backed matching will increase motivation, reduce conflict, and lead to better health outcomes.  Providers learn hot button needs and communication style before the first appointment. 

Truly Cared For

We make it easy to find the right providers, saving patients wasted time and needless frustration.  Instead of interviewing practitioners, patients can get right to the heart of their health with someone they trust.

For You

Lifetime Value

Increased satisfaction and compliance to treatment directly impacts your operations by as much as 25%.  Healthy patients, healthy bottom line.

Know Your Patient

Take your care to the next level by increasing communication for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. 

Lower Burnout

How rewarding is it to watch your patients get better?  How does it feel when you see fewer issues and inquiries?


“My practice style is a bit different than what some patients are used to and when I read through my satisfaction survey results, I can tell which ones are my regular patients. Patients need a better way to know what they are getting into.”

Dr. Hanna, Pediatrician

“I had a patient who was super hesitant about a procedure saying that she is into herbal medicine yet knows that won’t help her condition. As soon as I acknowledged her being open to herbal medicine for primary care, she immediately became calmer and more amenable to the procedure. If I had her Intuily profile telling me her preferences, I could have walked into the room knowing how to approach the conversation.”

Dr. T.A. Webb,  Neurosurgeon

“Practitioners have been through a lot during the pandemic and many are burnt out. We are human too and want to connect with who we work with and see them succeed.”

Dr. Gardiner, Chiropractor

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