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Our method of matching to the right provider based on compatibility will help your workforce feel truly cared for.

The Problem

The current system for people to find providers wastes both time and money.

It takes too much effort for your people to search for providers, only to discover that they are not a good fit.  Poor fit leads to reactive care and higher costs. 


Our Solution

Our method of matching people and providers will save both time and money.

Your people will be mached with the best providers for their unique needs.  Human connection in the patient-provider relationship leads to proactive care, healthier people and reduced costs.

Better Connection, Better Outcomes

Less time on intros and more time on solutions for your personal health success.

Increase your comfort level during your “15 minutes of fame” with your provider.  Quickly get down to the heart of your appointment with improved trust, enhanced listening, and more effective communication.

For Your People

Matches based on compatibility

Our science-backed matching will increase motivation, reduce conflict, and lead to better health outcomes.  We make it easy to quickly find the right provider, saving people wasted time and needless frustration. 

Culturally inclusive care

You value diversity and creating a safe, collaborative environment at work.  Support your people with the same philosophy as they use matching to reduce biases during their health care journey.  

One stop, health literacy, resource shop

“Off the algorithm” private wellness community educating people on how to live healthier, more vibrant lives from general ed 101 resorces to advanced co-hort education led by a board of expert advisors.

For You

Improve engagement

Help your people become happier, healthier, and more engaged.

Lower costs

By identifying the right matches, we set people up for success.  They will be able to build a partnership focusing on proactive care.

Seamless integration

We can fit right into your current system of benefits.  We’ll work with you to make it smooth.

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