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The mission of Intuily:  to help Americans regain their health and wellness one human connection at a time.  Well-being starts on the front lines of care with the patient and provider relationship.  Patients want to trust the provider and providers want to better understand their patients.  Our psychology based Culturally Inclusive Care matching, personalizes the working relationship for greater trust and understanding.  Better connections, better health outcomes.

Intuily Core Values


Design with empathy for all.


Create positive experiences around you.


Act with passion in all you do.

Individual Personality Compatibility

Leadership & Motivation Styles

Culture & Service Preferences

Behind the Science

Our advanced proprietary algorithm uses a combination of psychological theories and date science techniques to make matches.

Patients will discover practioners who are compatible with them and fit their unique needs.

Practioners will have a deeper understanding of their patients and be better equipped to provide the care they need.

Accountable to You

Human purpose is at the core of what we do, and we believe in the movement to make business a force for good.  With your support, as we grow, we will practice global principles to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that works for everyone.

What’s with the blue and orange dot above the “i” in your logo?  

That dot represents the semi-precious sodalite gemstone, known as “the stone of awakening”.  Aligned with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, it is a power stone believed to encourage rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, and the verbalization of feelings.  Qualities you need in order to express yourself and focus your decision making energy for a trusted, results driven care relationship.

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Studies have shown that people will go through several practitioners before finding "the one".  We make it easy to find the best match for your personality, saving you wasted time and needless frustration.



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