Intuily connects you with health and wellness practitioners who are the perfect match for you.

Play our 3-minute personality game, then leave the rest up to us.  Our proprietary algorithm will find the most compatible practitioners for your needs.

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Our Solution

We are revolutionizing a transactional industry by matching individuals with practitioners based on personality type.

Who We Are

We’re here to help you use your instinct to make genuine connections – that is why we’re named after the word “intuition”.

What We Do

Through psychology and data science, we help you find partnerships that will work, so you can feel confident knowing your care is in the right hands.

Why We Do It

The pandemic made us all think our health and wellness.  It also taught us the importance of human connections.  We want to be your path to personalized care.

How It Works

We use psychology and data science to find the best practioners for you.  In three steps you can be matched with practitioners to help you on your health journey.

1. Play A Game

Both patients and practioners play the personality game.

2. Personality Results

Once you’ve played the personanlity game, we’ll have a better sense of who you are and what you need.

3. Matching

You’ll be matched based on 3 matched factors: personality fit, leadership approach, and communication style.


“How do you tell your friend that their recommendation made your problem worse?”


“My communication style wasn’t working with the doctors and it turns out I just needed a fellow veteran.”


“I shouldn’t feel judged or shamed when I am talking about my health.”


“My life is too busy to do all that research for someone and it doesn’t work out.”


“Looking for practitioners is overwhelming and takes too much of my time.”

Try Intuily today

Studies have shown that people will go through several practitioners before finding "the one".  We make it easy to find the best match for your personality, saving you wasted time and needless frustration.



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